Altered Melee Maps

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(7) Gilneas {(7)Gilneas.w3x}

Unique FFA where 7 players battle to reap the rewards of the city Gilneas in the middle.

(2) Blackrock Mountain [1.9] {Blackrock Mountain v1.9.w3x}

Battle your opponent for control over Blackrock Mountain’s places of power.

(12) Hero Units {(12)(HeroUnits)De-icedCrown.w3x}

Units act like Heroes, able to use abilities, gain items & experience.

(6) Jungle Fever v6.0 {(6) WoR JungleFever v6.0.w3x}

Choose between 11 amazing races with new heroes, new units, new abilities.

(8) Lost Temple HEROES {LostTemple HEROES.w3x}

1 Player from each team plays as normal whilst the others in team use a Hero only.

((5) – 4vs1) Naxxramas [3.0] {Naxxramas v3.0.w3x}

4 Players must work together to bring down the 1 who controls Naxxramas!

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