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  • So I heard you like blogs -   I’d like to welcome you all to my first blog over here at Welcome! 😀 I hope you are finding the website entertaining, Highrise & I will be adapting the website to suit you and your needs! I have finished wrapping up my Christmas presents… already? I know! This is a first for…
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- DDhale's Blogs -

  • Gagooooooooooooooo - G’Day, my dear WC3 friends. Hope you are all well + smiling~ I stumbled upon these old WTii sketches (mostly) dating from about 5 years ago. Since they gave me a good chuckle, I thought I’d share them in hopes that you do, too ^_^ Not in any particular order: ^ lol ^ CLICK to…
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  • Frostmourne Hunger - Hello, guys~ Hope everyone’s doing well and crushing 2018! You, especially, WTii 🙂 I just want to quickly share a sketch/Frostmourne study I did a few years back. — — Well, that’s all! Thank you for your time and attention. Love, dii PS: Whatever your Dreams may be, GO GET IT! #OneLife
  • Well There It Is - Hello, everyone~ Thank you for tuning in to my first blog (anywhere)! A little bit about myself : I have been a fan of WTii’s work for about 5 years now, and since have enjoyed pestering him every chance I get haha*_^ I watch WTii’s videos and Twitch stream in my spare time, and along…
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