G’Day, my dear WC3 friends. Hope you are all well + smiling~

I stumbled upon these old WTii sketches (mostly) dating back about 5 years ago. Since they gave me a good chuckle, I thought I’d share them in hopes that you will, too ^_^

Not in any particular order:

^ lol

^ CLICK to slightly zoom in

^ (image above) don’t want to see how this turned out in the end ^_^;

^ CLICK to zoom in (…please excuse the handwriting)


Thank you, guys, for your attention. Have a wonderful week! <3

Love, dd (@ddhaleart • My Portfolio)

Frostmourne Hunger

Hello, guys~ Hope everyone’s doing well and crushing 2018! You, especially, WTii 🙂

I just want to quickly share a sketch/Frostmourne study I did a few years back.

Well, that’s all! Thank you for your time and attention.

Love, dii

PS: Whatever your Dreams may be, GO GET IT! #OneLife

Well There It Is

Hello, everyone~ Thank you for tuning in to my first blog (anywhere)! A little bit about myself : I have been a fan of WTii’s work for about 5 years now, and since have enjoyed pestering him every chance I get haha*_^ I watch WTii’s videos and Twitch stream in my spare time, and along the way have developed friendships + familiarity with a small number of you pleasant people via chat. IRL, I work as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based where I reside in the beautiful land down under, in Sydney Australia.

Here to start off my first blog on this wonderful site (thanks WTii and Highrise), I’d like to share with you my WTiiWarcraft logo/identity concepts. That’s one of my favourite past time- to just sit down, create little ideas and mockups for what could potentially be Rich’s new “look”, may that be a new logo, twitch panels, banners etc.

Hope you dig them ^_^

Asked what WTii’s favourite t-shirt colour was (as I had shirt design in mind), his answer’s light blue. However, I decided to apply it to this blue background with a re-designed logo in red as the main WTiiWarcraft identity:

Alternate versions

(very slight difference, but they’re there! Can you see it? 🙂 )


Well that’s all for now ^_^ If we happen to be on WTii’s chat at the same time, feel free to let me know what you think.

Thank you, everyone, for your attention. Please keep supporting WTii! honestly, nobody else plays the best game in the world as well and as entertaining as he does.

My website is currently under construction, but in the meantime please do take a look at my other works which you can find on my instagram : @ddhaleart

Catch you guys soon!


So I heard you like blogs


I’d like to welcome you all to my first blog over here at

Welcome! 😀

I hope you are finding the website entertaining, Highrise & I will be adapting the website to suit you and your needs!

I have finished wrapping up my Christmas presents… already? I know!

This is a first for me, normally I am wrapping presents 1 or 2 nights before Christmas day but over time I have become more organised and of course, more ocd, so I felt compelled to “get it done” and it feels good.

The new PC is coming along nicely, I am gradually bringing it up to speed with all the programs & games I used to have. It takes time but it is getting there. I am being much more careful with where I put files/folders & I am tracking their path locations so I don’t end up with a mega slow PC like my old one… it was basically slow as hell because it was 8 years old & filled with crap that I had put on over time.

I love streaming but even with the new PC it is still challenging it seems, ideally everything would run at 60 fps+ & the stream will be smooth as well as there being no “blocky artifacts” so the video looks clear as day. However, this is still not the case, there will be a lot of tweaking required & now I am most likely limited by my Internet connection (50mbps download / 8mbps upload) and with there being no alternative Internet options for me currently this is quite frustrating.

I plan to see the new Star Wars film tomorrow so stay tuned for the next blog regarding my opinions about that!

Take care