Experience System

Grab the Welcome Reward!

Limited Time!

150 Gold!

Type the Command "!gift" into Chat. (When LIVE!)

Every Minigame Command (such as !pull) now gives "Gold", which can be converted into Experience (Exp). With enough Exp you can level up!

The Cookie Rewards are gone, but you can still use the "!king" Reward for 256 Gold. The "Cookie Request" Reward is still active.

You can convert 100% of your Gold into Experience with the "!convert AMOUNT"(ex: !convert 50) Command.

When you have enough Exp, level up with "!lvlup".

You can check your progress with "!exp". Games such as "!gambleall" have been un-rigged, meaning that you win as often as you lose.



Uses Gold to gamble. You can lose up to 20% or gain up to 20% of  your current Gold.


Uses Gold to gamble. You can either lose 75% of your Gold, or gain 100% of it.


Uses 12 Gold to enter the Lottery.


5th: 20 Gold, 40 Exp

4th: 40 Gold, 80 Exp

3rd: 60 Gold, 120 Exp

2nd: 80 Gold, 160 Exp

1st: 100 Gold, 200 Exp


Uses 12 Gold to play the Slots. 2 Matches = 50 Gold, 3 Matches = 300 Gold