Group Defence/Survival Maps

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(6) A Spartan Tale 1.07i {A Spartan Tale 1.07i.w3x}

Fun Group Hero Defence with unique mechanics.

(6) Killing Spree 2.8 {Killing Spree 2.8 Official.w3x}

Fun Survival Arena. Pick hero & stop the waves of enemies from reaching the circle.

(8) DL Hero Siege – Evil Spawn 3.6 {DL Hero Siege – Evil Spawn 3.6.w3x}

Hero Defence. Pick your Hero, defend vs the waves & push back! Like X Hero Siege.

(10) Orc Gladiators: Revenge {Orc Gladiators Revenge X.XX.w3x}

Well made Team Defence, Pick your class, improve your stats through choices after each level.

(11) Protect The House! v6.8 {Protect the House! v6.8.w3x}

Hero/Tower Defence, Work as team to defend the house from the zombie waves.

(8) Survivors {Survivors_1.63d.w3x}

Craft a base with the raw materials around you to survive the nights! It’s like Minecraft.

(8) Temple Horror {Arohks Temple Horror for wtii.w3x}

Challenging atmospheric temple themed Escape Maze.

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