Group RPGs

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(9) Balin’s Tomb 2.8.09 {Balins Tomb 2.8.08.w3x}

Really fun, awesome, atmospheric Group adventure [<1 Hour].

(5) Hero Siege RPG v.27 {Hero Siege RPG v0.30c.w3x}

Challenging Dungeon RPG /w Survival/Puzzle Elements. Requires Tryhard Teamwork.

(4) Infected Zombies v2.3 {Infected Zombies v2.3.w3x}

World of Warcraft in Warcraft 3, Quest, craft, gear up.

(2) Riddle RPG {Riddle RPG.w3x}

Neat 2 player puzzle experience even if it seems unfinished at the end.

(4) World of Strife: Exodus v1.11 {Exodus v1.14a(prot).w3x}

Open RPG Adventure, work together with team mates to survive waves then explore.

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