SuBoT Warcraft Hosting

Great News! From now on, all Registered Users on WTiiWarcraft can host their own Games using our Hosting Bot! We guarantee quality! The Latency is 12ms, and the bot is located in France. You will be granted bot access 30-90 minutes after you Sign-up.

Note: The Command prefix while in the channel Clan SUB is "." and the prefix when in the Lobby or In-Game is "!"

  • First, head over to the Channel "Clan SUB" in Northrend(Europe).

  • When you are there, type ".map YOURMAPNAME" into chat. (your Map has to be Uploaded and Verified before this step!)

  • Note that if you want to play a MELEE map, do ".load YOURMAPNAME" instead of ".map", otherwise it won't work properly! (Example: .load TurtleRock | (NO .W3M/X!)

  • The bot will tell you that your map was loaded.

  • Do ".priv GAMENAME" or ".pub GAMENAME" (.priv makes a private game, it is NOT visible in the Game List, .pub makes a public game, it IS visible in the Game List).

  • Join your Game with the name you have selected. To Unhost a Lobby, use "!unhost".  If you selected a wrong map, use ".unhost" while still in the clan SUB channel. (Only works before the Game starts)

  • When you want to Start your Game, do "!start". When in the Game, do "!end" to End it.

  • Note: Anyone can use "!votekick PLAYERNAME" to start a votekick on someone.