How to Join WTii’s Games

- Joining WTii's Warcraft 3 Games Guide -

1. When you enter Warcraft 3, first select the "Northrend(Europe)" Server by clicking the Loop Icon next to the "" button. After Selecting the European Server, click "Ok" and then click on the "" button.

2. In the Login Section, type in your Username and Password, or Create a New Account with the button shown in the Picture, and click "Logon".

3. Once you're logged-in, click the "Channel" Button, Located in the top left Corner of the Game Screen.

4. In the "Channel Name" Search Bar write "Clan WTii" (no need to be caps) and press the "Join Channel" Button

5. You are now in the Clan WTii Channel, where all the Games are hosted. The Picture Shows you different parts of the Channel and what they represent. To Join WTii's Games, you need to pay attention to the Chat Window most of all.

6. Before WTii starts a Game, he has to Choose a Map. When Choosing a Map, he writes "!map MAPNAME" into the Chat Window. Once a Map is chosen, the message "Loading Config File..." will appear in the Chat (as shown in the Picture). When it appears, get Ready, because the game will start soon! After the Map is Loaded on the Bot, WTii has to type "!priv LOBBYNAME" into the Chat Window. The LOBBYNAME part is always "JodieXX" XX representing 2 Random Numbers. The best Advice is to have the "Jodie" part copied to just have to add the numbers. After you see him type "!priv LOBBYNAME" into the Chat Window, go to the "Custom Game" Tab (the Map Button outlined in the Picture) (remember what name he gave to the Game!)

7. Once you click on the "Custom Game" Button, a Window with all the curent ongoing Game Lobbies will be listed. We don't need to look at them in our case. All you have to do now is type the Game Name you saw in the Chat earlier into the "Game Name" Search Window, and pressing the "Join Game" Button.

Remember that Twitch Subscribers, if the Game Lobby is Full, will kick out a Non-Subscriber if they decide to Join.