Nick’s Maps

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- Melee Maps from Scratch -

(6)Summoner's Haven

Summoner's Haven is designed for 3v3, and makes some limited use of Runes of Rebirth in an attempt to include them in a slightly balanced manner.

(4)Palace Outskirts

Palace Outskirts is the very first melee map Nick made, and was made with 2v2 in mind.

(12)Mountain River

Mountain River is designed for 6v6, and was made to add to a rather small 6v6 map pool.

- Re-designed Blizzard Maps -

(2)Sym Echo Isles

Sym Echo Isles is a re-designed Blizzard map. The symmetry of this map changes play-style dramatically.

(2)Sym The Two Rivers

As with Sym Echo Isles, this map was made by Blizzard and re-designed to be symmetric.

- Random Unit Maps -

(4)(Random Units) Twisted Meadows

(RandomUnits)Twisted Meadows is a map where every unit you train can be a random unit from any of the other races, based on the type of unit you trained. For an example, a Footman can become an Archer, Grunt or Ghoul instead.

- Unit Draft Maps -

(2)(Unit Draft) Twisted Meadows

(UnitDraft)TwistedMeadows is an ordinary 1v1 melee map with a twist: at the start of the game, you take turns selecting the units and heroes you can train, regardless of what race you chose.

- Creeps Maps -

This is a melee game where, instead of training your race's units, you get a random selection of Creep units to train from your various troop production buildings. The higher tiers of buildings produce higher level units. 

(4)(Creeps) Twisted Meadows

(6)(Creeps) Gnoll Wood

(8)(Creeps) Gold Rush

- Melee Plus Maps -

(4)Twisted Meadows Plus

TwistedMeadowsPlus is an ordinary melee game with additional randomised effects added that alter the gameplay, for an example, every unit could have the Divine Shield ability or Blink ability, or could explode upon death, or have Reincarnation and come back to life. Each time, at the start of the game, a random selection of 3 affixes (out of 17 currently) are chosen.

De-iced Crown Melee+ 1.1

(12)De-Iced Crown Plus