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0Never attack an Undead base!
1Sloths lay eggs!
2Sloths move in packs of 8!
3Sloths are not hairy, it is an illusion!
4Sloths are very boring animals.
5Welcome to free4all, where everyone is a fucking lucker except for you!
6See how you will like it, you little phuck
7Look at this overclocked deck!
8100 cookies is a lot.
9ember is improving....NOT!
10We must act!
11Having that blademaster by the balls feels really good. -WTii
12Stevie Wonder can you dodge a chicken?!
13Use !charity or !mcharity to generate cookies Kappa .
14We are so dead.
15You are not prepared!
16 @Flawlesshot888 lives on a tree.
17So the thing with jodie...
18Green orc always makes me feel worm and fuzzy inside - WTii 2014
19Fuck nightelv! I feel so weak as nightelv.
20Another Legion TD won. Kappa .
21I can't deal with unbalance. - Wtii 2017
22Troll trappers don't abide by the rules.
23Zerg are such a pain in the dick.
24I'm not tilting. It's my job to be a dickhead now.
25I always fuck it up with night elf.
26The main thing that will kill you in 4v4 RT is your team not your allies Kappa
27Jump ship! OSsloth is going down!
28To get some extra cookies type " !joinguild legion " in the chat Kappa
29Use !charity and !mcharity to give guild leaders cookies Kappa
30I don't know why am i such a god.
31Is this guy still up my arse? I can't believe it.
32I got two circlets, i ain't going nowhere, baby!
33How do my feet smell if they don't have a nose?
34Ghouls counter priests!