So I heard you like blogs


I’d like to welcome you all to my first blog over here at

Welcome! 😀

I hope you are finding the website entertaining, Highrise & I will be adapting the website to suit you and your needs!

I have finished wrapping up my Christmas presents… already? I know!

This is a first for me, normally I am wrapping presents 1 or 2 nights before Christmas day but over time I have become more organised and of course, more ocd, so I felt compelled to “get it done” and it feels good.

The new PC is coming along nicely, I am gradually bringing it up to speed with all the programs & games I used to have. It takes time but it is getting there. I am being much more careful with where I put files/folders & I am tracking their path locations so I don’t end up with a mega slow PC like my old one… it was basically slow as hell because it was 8 years old & filled with crap that I had put on over time.

I love streaming but even with the new PC it is still challenging it seems, ideally everything would run at 60 fps+ & the stream will be smooth as well as there being no “blocky artifacts” so the video looks clear as day. However, this is still not the case, there will be a lot of tweaking required & now I am most likely limited by my Internet connection (50mbps download / 8mbps upload) and with there being no alternative Internet options for me currently this is quite frustrating.

I plan to see the new Star Wars film tomorrow so stay tuned for the next blog regarding my opinions about that!

Take care



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