SuBoT Warcraft Hosting

Whisper Highrise_ on Twitch to get Access to our Public Hosting Bot, SuBoT!

Note: The Command prefix while in the channel Clan WTii is "." and the prefix when in the Lobby or In-Game is "!"

  • First, head over to the Channel "Clan WTii" in Northrend(Europe).

  • When you are there, type ".map YOURMAPNAME" into chat. (your Map has to be Uploaded and Verified before this step!)

  • The bot will tell you that your map was loaded.

  • Do ".priv GAMENAME" or ".pub GAMENAME" (.priv makes a private game, it is NOT visible in the Game List, .pub makes a public game, it IS visible in the Game List).

  • Join your Game with the name you have selected. To Unhost a Lobby, use "!unhost".  If you selected a wrong map, use ".unhost" while still in the clan WTii channel. (Only works before the Game starts)

  • When you want to Start your Game, do "!start". When in the Game, do "!end" to End it.

  • Note: Anyone can use "!votekick PLAYERNAME" to start a votekick on someone.